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I was an avid watcher last season, and this season has proved to be just as fantastic. I have even managed to do some sit ups a few nights whilst watching. Yay me.

Every show on TV has a website now. Its a bit tedious really, they're always going on and on about the websites. I'm actually one of these hopeless people too that never remembers to go to websites that I might be interested in, I forget. I come to work and I read the same 15 or whatever a week, and unless I need to Google something, I read mostly the same stuff.

I was interested enough however, in trying to get tickets for So You Think You Can Dance Australia, that I went to their website. It helped that the website was easy to remember also. I hate websites for shows when they can't be bothered paying for the domain, or working around it, so it's all www.channelwhateverblah/blahsection/actual show name + some weird letters.
Just give it to me in the .au format guys. (Yeah I'm looking at you Channel 9 and 7, you're so intent on keeping your respective ties to MSN and Yahoo you're confusing the hell outta me!)

Anywho, because I had a REASON to go to the SYTYCDance website, I was enticed to later click the Biggest Loser link to see what it had to offer. I wasn't really expecting much, mostly links to join the Biggest Loser Club, which you have to pay for. I was surprised to find a whole section on Training Tips in video form from the Trainers, which I've found awesome, and tried to work into my workouts already. Yay!
I'm trying to watch them all, but have to be careful cos we're not meant to watch anything that's streams through the net at work.....

I think this season has been extremely responsible in the face of criticisms that it doesn't provide a realistic view of weight loss for people that are obese. Several people have discussed with me at least that there's been a notable increase in the nutritional information provided through the show. I read somewhere that while "everyone loves watching fat people exercise until they throw up" (umm, hello? Not me) the show was lacking other info. Now at least, they're providing realistic ways to help real people, along with the people in the show. You know they got nutritional info previously, you just never got to hear any of it. So now I'm trying to get as much info as possible.

Getting back to criticism of providing a realisitic view to weightloss, I am really angered that Cat White, a previous Biggest Loser contestant, has become the face of Celebrity Slim, a milkshake-meal replacement company. How she can endorse products like "Fat burner Tablets" is beyond belief IMHO. I think as someone who was obese, the last message she should be sending is that these milkshake/soup diets are the answer, instead of healthy eating and exercise.

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Eca said...
February 29, 2008 3:10 AM

Yeah what gives!!??? Haven't they ever heard of domain redirects?! It's not that HARD!!!

Reanan said...
March 03, 2008 1:09 PM

I loathe this form of television, but we know this.
No funnily enough I dont want to watch fat people do sit ups til they puke either, in fact I dont want to see it at all!

I am waiting for the day that one of the contestants has a heart attack and the show will be over as quick as Big Brother after a turkey slapping incidenyt.

Dataceptionist said...
March 03, 2008 1:51 PM

Well actually since you mention it, this series has been really interesting as two of the contestants have some health issues. One dude discovered during the medical they give them that he has chronic diabetes, and he's had some dramas associated with that (low blood sugar passing out and stuff).
Another contestant had a "mild heart" six months before the show went to production and the doctors revealed on the show that his condition was so unstable he was allowed to stay in the competition ONLY with the following conditions
-He is no longer eligible for the cash prize, or the title of The Biggest Loser
-He is only allowed to WALK for exercise
-AND his heart rate can't go over 100 bpm
If he breaks any of these, he's out of the show.

So, yeah, interesting.

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