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I was at my local shopping centre last night and I noticed a heap of the store were closed, seemingly because they had extensive water damage. A friend of ours works in one of the store and I rang her and she confirmed a water main had broken a week ago and they were still trying to clean up. She works in a shoe store, and predominantly the clothing, shoe and accessory stores were all still closed. There was a sunglass store that was unaffected, being that all their stock is off the ground and they had tiled floors. Some of the stores though had floorboards that had warped and buckled, and it could be a while before they're open again.....

So heres a video someone managed to shoot, particluarly note the bogan accent of the guy filming, and the position of the water on the escalators at the end, which allows you to guage the depth of that much water.

In other news, I am WAY over blowing my nose and sneezing through this horrid summer cold I have. GAH!

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.:.:. Reanan .:.:. said...
February 22, 2008 12:49 PM

f**kn h*ll I thought people from the Norther Beaches had decorum! lol

Totally shocking though, what a waste!

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