Back at work

laughing, laughing laughing.

Thanks to Re for pointing out that I am back at work as of yesterday.
I was hoping to have a killer post for my recommencement, but you can all thank her for forcing me to return, with douchey post.


So I'd been off work for a week, came back yesterday with a heap of work to catch up on.... and it was completed by 3.30 yesterday.
I'm going to go ahead and say this is because I am a fabulous worker bee, and has no reflection whatsoever upon my job.
I remember in my last role, I would be on leave for a few days, come ack to work and I would have hundreds of emails to deal with.
Thankfully its not like that here. Hehehe

Things I have learnt in the last week
  • Holidays are considerably less fun without Sunshine.
  • It actually is possible to forget how to ride a bicycle. That saying is a load of bollocks.
  • When it rains on holidays, your day revolves around eating, from breakfast all the way through to 4.30 wine and cheese and beyond to dinner and midnight wine and cheese
  • Poker is more fun when drunk.
  • No 1st birthday party is complete without fairy bread. Ryder celebrated his first birthday last week :) Yay! They grow up so fast....
  • leaving the house a mess before holidays, means you come home and since the pixies haven't been, house is still a mess. I'm trying to find the motivation to tidy I really am, I just feel so defeated when I look around. We really need to have people over, then we tidy real good!
  • Facebook is sucking the life out of me. This is how I feel.
Now heres a random funny

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