London; redux

Location Belfast, IRELAND
Weather cold! Avg temp about 10 degrees, but getting used to it 
Local time 8pm 

Well it appears the Punk/ Alternative scene is still very much in style in London. Or at least parts of it. We visited Camden having been recommended to see the markets there. I wish we’d walked as far as the Lock however, as I am a fan of all things water control, not sure why.
Could have owned almost everything I could see, and very much felt like re-joining the Goth scene for all the fantastic Pink and Black clothing you can own. As I said to M, if Sydney was like Camden, I’d never have gone back to “normal”, and clearly part of London never did. Bought a few things, but not all I could have.
The London Eye, and a classic Telephone booth
London in general I have found to be much more “out there” than Sydney. I suppose this is to be expected, but it is still weird to find. There are many more strange looking outfits and combinations that are accepted here without question, and they have well and truly embraced winter/fall fashion for the season, temperatures dropping to the early teens whilst we were there for a few days after the tour. I have bought a myriad of things in London, particularly at a wonderful shop called Primark. Best shop ever. Wish we had one in Sydney, but alas, will have to be content with SES and Temt. Got a fab pair of jeans for only 8 quid!
Some other London highlights, A West End show; The 39 Steps, which we kind of got roped into going to, in that it kept us in London a day or so over what we initially planned, but it ended up being a good time frame as both London Tower and Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace took WAY longer than expected. Changing of the Guard I would not do again, due to the ridiculous crowds (and its late September, certainly not “high season”!) and the push and shove. And the fact that they take a break for the marching band to serenade you with love ballads in the middle of it all?!?!?
Me Buckingham Palace, front side-great weather this day
London Tower was awesome, even though London put on some typical weather for the day by pissing down, we paid a few quid extra and got the Audio guides and managed to spend 4.5 hours there all up. Highlight would certainly have to be seeing The Crown Jewels (and no I don’t mean M pulled down his trousers), which M didn’t realize we were seeing at all. Unfortunately there’s no photography allowed in that area, I would love to show you the incongruously enormous security door that they have in the middle of this medieval building. Until that point I must admit I was getting skeptical that we were going to see THE crown etc, but once I saw the door, it was all ‘on’.
Another big highlight was managing to squeeze in on the last day of the exhibition that was the Summer Opening of the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace. I am REALLY glad we did that, it was just incredible. This year, for the first time (so the guidebook says) they also laid the Grand Ballroom tables as though for a State Dinner, when a Head of State comes to the Palace for dinner (Yeah Hi Liz, look we’re just going to pop around for a bit of a barbie, you put on the snags, we’ll bring the Coleslaw?)
Buckingham Palace was the first place we encountered the self paced Audio guides as they are included in your ticket cost, and they were great. With options to skip or “hear more” they were very informative and are what prompted us to get the one at The Tower.
Me, Buckingham Palace Gardens.
S o yes London was great for a second visit, and I could surely see us being happy to live there, if we so decided (not on the cards quite yet)
Lastly, quick note on London, that I think I saw Prince Harry near Victoria Tube Station, but M doesn’t believe me :P 
Currently sitting on the ferry over to Ireland, (though this will be posted sometime/somewhere later I imagine). Am thoroughly sick of boats and ferrys, this being the……ninth water vessel we’ve been on this trip. Ferry’s have come to mean hours of entertaining oneself, however the last few we caught got to be quite fun with the tour group, with drinks and conversation.
We have our hire car, a Holden/Vauxhall Zafira, which we would be quite happy to own at home for kiddles too (hehehe). We have called her Vauxy, which sounds a bit like Foxy, and the wonderful GPS lady’s name is Tina. She has been ₤10 well spent I can tell you. Ciao for now. :)

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Emma said...
October 10, 2008 1:07 PM

I'm loving these updates on your travels!

Laura said...
October 11, 2008 11:39 PM

Belfast!! eeep!! I'm from Belfast!

Well. I'm from Carrickfergus, which is less than half an hour from Belfast...! Belfast also has Primark, which is fab..

I'm missing you over at mamamia... But it sounds like ur having fun!

Dataceptionist said...
October 12, 2008 9:37 AM

hey Laura, thanks for the drop in. Belfast was....interesting. Hoping to get to it in another post :)

Thanks Em, home soon and back to normal programming!

Reanan said...
October 23, 2008 8:38 AM

Wohoo!! Royal spotting.

Do you think Prince Harry is allowed to catch the tube? Although thats not to say that he was tubing when you saw him.... hmm

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