Prepare yourself - this ain't pretty

And I don't mean Tori Spelling's impression of Sonny & Cher (which is also APPALLING).
This is a music video that Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott made for their reality show NoToriOus, about their magical relationship being "so in love".

Watch and marvel, suffice to say, Tori Spelling cannot sing.

Nor can either of them write music lyrics, to save themselves. Its just.....I can't even describe..... you have to watch it yourself. And then feel like slitting your wrists, I just can't do it for you.
(and see how they're exploiting their baby at the start, and end, and yet it disappears for the rest of the video? And who are they kidding with the guitars? I don't beleive for a second that Tori knows how to play more than the two chords they gave her-see how she struggles with even them?)

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Reanan said...
November 03, 2008 9:16 AM

OK I got 23 seconds in.
This is awful... I thought you loved us, why show us this!!

First I can't stop looking at those god-awful boobs. They seem to have gotten better? (Imagination?) Compared the days of the lopsided mishapen melon halves she had afixed to her chest.

I cannot FATHOM this clip at all? Are they serious? They appear serious, in a hideously vile wayHe sings better than her, by about a hundred fold.


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