Things I hate about Hotels

The water save stickers/cards you find in EVERY hotel bathroom now
So much water is wasted in the hotel industry every day for washing...... towels on the floor mean please replace them, towels on the rail mean I will use them again…thank you for your cooperation in helping the environment…

Now clearly I have nothing against this policy, but I am thoroughly sick of housekeeping ignoring the pre-arranged signals! We hang our towels up every day mostly out of habit, and I couldn’t care less to be using the towel more than one day, we certainly use them for longer than that at home! Housekeeping have changed them every day, in every hotel we’ve stayed in, regardless of where we put them.

Housekeeping taking the spare key card
we have left in the electricity slot, meaning the power stops running while we’re out of the room and charging the laptop/camera battery/AIR CONDITIONING!!!

Housekeeping throwing away the single cake of cheap
(-see below) soap we’ve unwrapped and only used three times to wash our hands. What a waste.

! – hell we don’t need to get used to this, no one’s tidying the room and making my bed after I leave the house when we get home!

Tiny showers
and showers that have the head/rose directly above your head. Why oh why do they do this to women? I don’t always want to get my hair wet!

Hotels that don’t provide toiletries.
I never use them, but it would be nice to think they care enough about my comfort to provide them at least. I’m also going to throw in really cheap cakes of soap that leave my hands really dry. I’m not even considering using them anywhere on my body.

NOT having a bar fridge in the room. Its just SO annoying not being able to chill your water or whatever, because for the most part, it doesn’t inspire us to go down and buy your €5 water from your bar, it just annoys us.
(side note- bottled water is REALLY cheap in Europe, like €0.20 for a 1.5L and commonly like €0.30 for a chilled 600mL bottle.)

PET HOTEL HATE #1shoving two singles together without a padded overlay to disguise. We even got beds that had two single flat sheets as well, not even a pretense that it was a double size bed. This was very common in Europe which was a bit annoying.

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PrincesseEmma said...
October 12, 2008 9:21 PM

I imagine you'd just be sick of staying in hotels all together after your trip!

I don't usually let housekeeping into the room while I'm in a motel/hotel. I just don't trust people and I don't need my bed made for me every day. But it does annoy me that I pay for the service that I don't use...

And I'm allergic to the toiletries they supply (skin allergies). But does that stop me from taking them as a souvenir? NO! (Like Ross from Friends says - they're included in the price of the room!)

K said...
October 13, 2008 12:19 PM

Despite hotel irritations I'm glad to see that you're still having an awesome time.

I remain incrediably jealous..

Reanan said...
October 23, 2008 8:36 AM

I despise it when hotel cleanliness is questionable.
Mildewed showers for instance. Really easy to fix and totally off putting.
RANDOM HAIRS. ARGHHHHH, especially the curly variety *GAG*
And also, finding a tube of KY under the bed you just slept in – ew ew.

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