Love at first Wii

*Girl in picture may not be a true and accurate representation of how I look Wii-ing
We bought a Wii, and a Wii-Fit, and they're completely awesome. Our first Wii-related experience was at a friends place a week ago. They'd borrowed it and we had a play, and it seemed horribly fun and wholesome. So when M unexpectedly received a $500 David Jones Gift Card, we thought we were set for towels, sheets and Cd's-why not treat ourselves to something completely impulsive? A Wii!

Having no idea how much they cost we trundled off to DJ's, looked at it for the grand total of four seconds before saying "we'll take it!"
Wii-Fit was an equally "slow" decision, and before we knew it we became the owners of something utterly ridiculous for people in their mid-twenties.

Aren't console games for children?

So we set it up Thursday night when we got home, and promptly got Tennis-Elbow, and Baseball-Pitching-Shoulder injuries. The Wii-Fit was set-up yesterday and has already given me a sore lower back.
I'm sure it will all work out though, thats the point right? I'm going to strengthen my core through Yoga, increase my posture through Balance Exercises. Who knew balancing would be so fun though? One of the games you have to "head" a soccerball repeatedly, while it gets faster and faster and they start throwing shoes at your head. Hilarious!

I have been warned by a friend that Wii-Fit can be very judgemental, and I already disappointed my trainer by taking my hands off the Balance Board, giving me a score of Zero for that exercise :(
The exercise was really hard but!
And if I had previously wondered if I should put away all breakables in our home, in the vicinity of the Wii-Playing-Arena (aka our living room) this website, Wii Have a Problem, with detailed stories of Wii-damage and injuries has convinced me.
Look out for the 1/ the screen you can buy for your plasma to protect it when you throw the controller at the TV...2/ pictures of A guy who took out his cat and 3/ pictures of a Large glass orb shaped Ceiling Light, before and after....
Which reminds me of the first Wii-Injury we saw first hand, perpetrated by M.
He was boxing with his mate, getting very into it, and went in for a torso punch, meaning he punched around his hips, except he was so busy looking at the screen he didn't notice his 18-month old godson and smacked him fair in the back of the head, resulting in plenty of tears. His Dad assured us he wasn't really hurt, it was just the shock. I tell you I think I'd be pretty shocked if M punched me square in the back of the head too!

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2 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Agent Y said...
October 27, 2008 9:18 PM

One must not laugh... OK truthfully all I can see is M jabbing R in the back of the head then having the horrifying realisation of what he has done... hilarious but :(

Eca said...
October 28, 2008 9:04 AM

Yeah my knee twinged a couple of times too!

It's still awesome. I wants one..

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