Christmas Party Season

Well my Christmas Party was last week, as was Mark's, but no photos from his yet sorry.

Yes I am Nude. That's EXACTLY what happened.

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Eca said...
December 30, 2006 2:28 AM

OK this might be the wrong spot for this but hey it ain't my blog so there's nowhere better!
Temping is FUN!

A private rambling of my own whilst I sneak in some naughty net time. >>>>>>

Weird, I think that the builder guy almost asked me out. Actually I’m pretty sure I blocked a prelude to a query. Phew! Glad I escaped that one. My own stupid fault for actually being friendly – man this job is a minefield! What a worry. You’re supposed to be all nice to people and stuff and all that happens if you are looking perky and being nice is that the dopey guys want to ask you out all the time – how do you girls deal with such an occupational hazard! It would be ok except that for me it never seems to be a good looking guy, its always the weirdos. But then again maybe its just that you don’t see the good looking ones because you’re busy thinking that they are good looking, when they aren’t particularly hot I guess you remain that much more aloof and objective about the whole situation. Probably my ego at work though! Then again, the whole scenario might be my ego at work. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, depending on your perspective, as I get older, the more I am able to perceive in that area. It is a little weird these days, being actually conscious of the fact, but still no more rewarding, knowing I could bag a weird looking builder at any time I chose….because WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO?!!!!! I mean seriously, there’s being popular and attractive, and there’s attractive, like food in a rubbish bin is attractive to flies – sure it’s attractive – but it doesn’t change the fact that its garbage now does it???!!!!

But seriously, I now realise in a much fuller depth the trials of this position! I am remembering the abject boredom, the taking delight in excessive use of stationary, the obsession of perfection when labelling various items, and the constructive joy of assembling boxes, and the use of scissors and staplers. I had also forgotten the joys of the indistinct accent, and the frustration when they only want to speak to Mike Jones or some such basic named person, and I can’t find it.

Word up ladies. Word up.

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