Scary beyond all reason

In the tradition of Yzma,
from the Emperor's New Groove, I find the image below,
Scary Beyond All ReasonDear god. As the lovely ladies of fug so eloquently put it,

... the delusion that his tongue is of equal interest to Gene Simmons', a very thorough groin waxer, and possibly, probably, a simmering case of 'roid rage.

I think you can even see the post-wax skin irritation which is possibly the un-sexiest thing I've EVER seen. Ew. And when you only sort of glance at the picture, it actually almost looks like he's going for a bit of a nipple rub. And I'm sorry but I actually don't find that male ridge that is almost like an arrow pointing at their man-business sexy at all. I know a lot of girls do, but it's just not something that does it for me.

I have no idea who this mystery person is. Ew.

(and btw I not-so-secretly think Yzma is fabulous. That movie is the best ever. ever.)

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