Self Important Bastards

I am having a wobbly at the moment about Self Important Bastards(SIBs-Not to be confused with Siblings).
These people, you will mainly find in your workplace. They are the people who tell you to do things that are beneath themselves, but not you. As an office worker with the Status of "Lowly" I'm sure I encounter a lot more of these people than others do. But I think it's a real measure of people how they treat the staff under them. Or not even under them, which is really the point of SIBs.
So how do you define a SIB as opposed to your general dickhead? Simply look at the people above the SIB.
I have a classic example.
Like I'm sure most international companies, we have an internal directory that staff can look up to ring others. A lot of staff also keep a small directory maybe pinned to their desk somewhere, like Bob 9845, Stu 9863 etc for people they frequently ring.
---I will also disclaimer here that I know Reception's function is to Recieve calls and re-direct them. Don't get me wrong, I am completely familiar with my position and its function. ---
Now I'm not saying staff can't call Reception for connection, by all means! But we have this one woman, middle manager type level, she calls Reception literally about 20 times a day. But not to speak to 20 different people, or even 18 different people. She speaks to the same 3-4 people every day. All day. If she was the CEO then I would understand. He's a busy guy and shouldn't neccessarily have to remember stuff like that.
But she's not. She's middle management. HER boss doesn't ring me every 10 minutes to be put through to someone. And the Boss of Her Boss, who is a DIRECTOR, can also manage to keep a listing of numbers, or use the internal directory. She's a SIB.
Other SIB's you may encounter in your life, service people who are too busy doing things OTHER than Serving you. Picture it, Boost Juice bar, one person serving, two people cleaning things, all the while you and five other people are waiting in line. Happens all the time when I go!
Anyone who sits in the Right Hand Lane sitting under the speed limit. Yeah I'm talking to you, Stupid Man in Black BMW! I can appreciate it when they sit ON the speed limit, that's fine. I do it occassionally myself as you still pass all the ultra slow people in the left lane, but prolonged sitting in the Right Lane UNDER the speed limit-SIB. And if they're on the Phone? Don't even start me. Actually I could probably rant all day about the people that irritate me on the roads.

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