Lift Lunacy


Just got stuck in a lift for a few minutes after we'd been out for lunch. We got in, pressed B and it started, got to G and sort of shuddered. Then the lights went off and one of the other stupid women starts pushing all the buttons.

I'm not-so-slowly freaking out at this point, trying not to panic too much as that freaks out others, as well as working myself up even more than I am currently, which is obviously counter productive. A colleague was there with me, and a family of 5, in a not very big space, it was quite a small RSL lift.

It was interesting because after we got out, eventually, my colleague was telling me that she was stuck in a lift once before, when she was like 17. She got stuck in a lift on the 37th FLOOR in a building in the city! I would pass out, I'm certain. She was stuck for six hours. The very thought makes me feel nauseous.

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