World's Sexiest Man

You know when a list is compiled by Durex people have only one thing on their mind- Ballooons of course. Ok Condom Balloons. But I can't say I totally agree with this list. For one thing, I am not (yet?) a Daniel Craig convert, and while Clive Owen has a certain charm, he's not really Bonk-city for me. But hey, everyone has their own opinion eh.

So the list-
1. Daniel Craig

2. Clive Owen

3. Jude Law

4. Steve Jones (whoa got to finding a pic of this guy, had NO IDEA who he was. Came up with Lots of Steve Jones'!!)

5. George Clooney

6. Johnny Depp - So many pictures, so many different looks to choose!

7. David Beckham

8. Robbie Williams

9. Orlando Bloom

10. Pierce Brosnan

Now my personal opinion is that number 10, should be a lot higher. AS for Steve Jones, if anyone can fill me in, that would be great :P

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