A Can o' whoopass on Capitol Hill

Now, to get all serious like *rub hands together* I'm going to be very interested to observe the progress of the coming Presidential Election. A story this good almost looks like its stepped out of Hollywood. Striding purposefully up one side of the hill is Hilary Clinton.

A WOMAN *tick*, an ex-first lady *tick*, which many believe will help her as she knows the ins and outs of presidential life. This would be a momentous event in world politics *tick*. BUT, she voted for the Iraq war, which she's now trying to do backflips on *cross*. She looks comfortable here, capable *tick*, patriotic *tick*, which I'm sure is important to them.

To her left, is Barack Obama

He looks strong *tick*, reassuring *tick*, he's BLACK *tick*. His eyes are engaging *tick*, he's BLACK people *tick tick*. This would also be a massive development and I kinda hope he wins actually.

Trailing behind the two of them, red faced and puffing, is Bill Richardson,
Who I don't fancy at all. He looks like some cheesy washed up Full House dad. Bah. He's the governor of New Mexico presently. For interest factor- he's white *cross*, he's Hispanic *tick*, he's a bit boring to look at *cross*. He looks squishy. *cross*
We'll see I guess, we've got 22 months to wait.

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