Our Long Weekend

We had quite a nice long weekend.
Thursday Night we started at the Newport Arms, had a few drinks with friends, felt very old when we looked around at all the nubile young thang's. It was good though, all about the company you're keeping really. They did some fireworks, and I'm a bit over fireworks really *sigh*
Friday was Australia Day itself and is actually Mark's Pop's birthday so we went to his parents place for a nice family do.

Friday night was a friends party and that was good, smallish, but again all about the company : )

Saturday took the Beeb to Fairy Bower and went snorkelling which was good. Saw the blue groper and was fun. We got cut a bit short unfortunately as the police were making annoucements from a large boat that we needed to get out of the water. Not in a panicked way, just something about something being in the area and to leave the water. Mark's mum thinks someone said there was a hammerhead shark circling outside the bay area where we were. So we weren't really in any danger, but better safe than sorry.

Saturday night we went and saw Deja Vu which we thought was excellent, highly recommend it. : ) Got a bit of a late one after the 9.30 session and we ended up sleeping in until 11am Sunday! Had a real lazy one after that before Beeb and the Hair came over for dinner down in Dee Why at Moltofino, which was a pretty poor showing I thought. I thought the waiter's fly was down initially. Bleugh.

We actually had Monday off too but it was less lazy, picked up Scotty at the airport from his holiday in Indonesia and he regaled us with tales of rich friends and Balinese exploits.

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Re said...
January 30, 2007 9:35 PM

Sounds very productive indeed.

Bahh Australia Day. Decided that Jackie and I would go into the City for the festivities. I mean The Whitlams and Alex Lloyd were playing. We got off at town hall, walked through the domain and the botanical gardens, down through Circular Quay to have my favourite pear and rocket salad only to find the place packed to the rafters with disgruntled people waiting for food.
For go the salad for an icecream (oh great!) and wander over to the Rocks to check out the music business.
Of course the bands were not on until after 7 and the Rocks was PACKED. Thirsty, Very thirsty. Lets have a beer.
Walk past the sedate Fortune of War, to check out The Orient which was full to the point of spilling out onto the street holding the PLASTIC BEER CUPS. No.
Round to the Lowenbrau, which had some stupid band out the front and therefore packed with idiots stopping and looking.


AND, one shoulder got sunburned. Only one? Why? I even had on sun screen!

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