The Lipstick Jungle-Candace Bushnell ****

Sorry for the late entry, I got this for Chrissy and read it on Jan 10th
"To everyone who's anyone in New York, Victory Ford, Wendy Healy, and Nico O'Neilly are riding high, the beautiful faces of success in the city. Victory is the hottest new desgner on the block; Wendy is the President of Parador Pictures with a sure-fire hit in production and three gorgeous children; and Nico is the editor of Bonfire magazine, the city's style bible. To the outside world they've hit their prime.
The trouble is, from where Victory, Wendy and Nico are standing thins don't look quite that wat. Nico is fitting in guilty extra-marital sex with an underwear model, Victory's latest collection bombed and Wendy's twelve-year marriage to her metrosexual househusband is in freefall.
Fierce, funny and flawed, Candace Bushnell's new heroines are also irresistable, and as she follows them through the minefield of work, love and life at the tope she gives us a hugely entertaining lesson on how to stay ahead and keep laughing in the toughest town on the planet. Welcome to their world-the Lipstick Jungle."
Surprisingly good. I haven't read any of her other stuff, ie Sex and The City. Chick Lit but with a bit more punch, I raced through it. :)
No Idea on the title, has absolutely no bearing on the story whatsoever.


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Re said...
January 30, 2007 9:40 PM

I couldn't think of any way in which the title could be in any way relevant to the book.

Unless all the lipsticks the world over started developing life and striking out against the opression of makeup cases and ran away to some jungle in Kuala Lumpa...
I suppose that would work.

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