The Mephisto Club-Tess Gerritsen ***/*

"In a rundown house, a woman has been dismembered in an act of carnage that leave veteran cops in shock. Drawn on the wall, in blood, are ancient symbols, and a mirror-image in Latin that translates to "I have sinned".
Then a second woman in founs butchered on Beacon Hill, just outside the home of the leader of the Mephisto Club, a secret society dedicated to the study of evil and to confronting it in its purest form. On the door have been scrawled more ancient symbols. Are they clues? Or threats?
This is a form of evil Boston PD has never encountered before. And the only way Maura and detective Jane Rizzoli can defeat it is by turning to the people who understand the Devil himself." (blurb)
Well. This book was quite good. Not as good as the last one of hers I read on the plane back from Fiji, but good. Quite freaky actually as it ends up being quite heavy on the Satanic themes (which was also one of the reasons it was fascinating) and kinda freaked me out when by the time it climaxed and finished, which was 12.30am for me.
3.5 / 5

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