Oh dear god, sheild mein eyes!

The new Spice Girls video, if you haven't seen it.
Why on earth are they all writhing around in their underwear??? This song is supposedly about friendship and yet they're all getting their gear off, and simpering at the camera. It all takes a weird Left turn after Geri comes on the screen wearing only her bra and undulating her abs, as if we really need to see that. There's group shots with erupting breasts, like some sort of sickening pillow fight, sans pillows.

Posh is sitting in this weird stripper pose with her legs spread on a chair, wearing some weird fetish pvc bondage strapping, and looking more and more like the over priced china doll she's become. Just when they could have exploited a real opportunity for her to dispel the long-held theory that she was nothing but a pretty face, she simply gets her gear off and pretends she's singing along!

The whole video is this bizarre orgiastic fest, and it was only a morbid fascination that kept me watching. Sporty looked like a lawyer the whole time, beign the only one not to get her cans out.

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Anonymous said...
November 28, 2007 1:48 AM

Posh certainly reaffirms the theory that she can't do anything but pose, as she awkwardly moves her neck about up and down, left to right like a mechanical dinosaur! They've definitely lost the plot and the distinction between 'nude' and plain 'naked'. Referring to (I agree) the confusing form of Geri and her bra and Scary's skirt and bra getup where she looks like she's about to put hink about her top on, just never actually DOES. I think Baby and Sporty come out on top in the end, they certainly seem to be doing all the singing, in any case. Lets not even mention Posh's PVC thingy which doesn't even appear to fit properly, let alone actually be sexy..... One more thing - when interviewed, she said she was doing the reunion tour to show her children 'what mummy does for a living' hee hee - and this is it??!!

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