Bizarre-o! Part II

Part I here.

More strange and wacky behaviour from our American Neighbours.

Starbucks, {you know, the multinational, highly profitable coffee chain} after the September 11 attacks, charged Emergency workers for bottled water to treat victims.
Shortly after the Sept. 11 attack, rescue workers rushed into a nearby Starbucks store to get water to treat shock victims, Rapisarda said. Ambulance company workers said employees in the shop demanded they pay $130 for three cases of bottled water. The workers paid cash, out of their own pockets.
Reached by telephone, the manager of the shop, the Battery Park Plaza Starbucks, declined to comment.
Wtf! Talk about lacking compassion. They'll do anything for a buck.
I hated Starbucks anyway I suppose. LOL

There is also an email hoax going around saying that Starbucks doesn't support the war in Iraq, which is false. Just so you know.

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