Young & Stupid, Pt 1

When I was 14 I liked a boy and we started dating. He happened to be the brother of my (then) best friend. {At the time I thought my friendship would survive this, as she seemed to think it wasn't such a bad idea, and I had clearly had no foresight of how the eventual break up would affect us. }

This boy also happened to be 21 at the time, something I also lacked the outside perspective on, I was silly and thought I was the hottest thing getting around, and assumed that if a 21 year old guy thought I was interesting and attractive, it MUST be all about the assets I was bringing to the relationship. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with him and his mental state.
Now I will qualify this by saying I'm sure perfectly normal teenagers fall in love and live happily ever after with a 7 year age difference, but I'm sure there are 5 broken couples to every 1 intact.
My parents ordered me to break up as soon as they discovered the liaison, which of course as a 14 year old girl I railed against,

*hand to forehead* could they possibly know what it was like, couldn't they clearly see I was the first girl to EVER fall in love with a boy older than me. My anguish must have been evident!

So we broke up, with collateral damage in that my friend and I never quite recovered our close friendship, and we drifted apart.

In the following years I realised he was a massive dropkick, and there was something strange about a 21 yr old boy who hangs out with his 14 yr old sister and her friends, with no friends of his own. I just thought they were so close as siblings. But no.

It wasn't until I turned 21 myself that the whole scenario hit home for me and I fully appreciated HOW weird it was that he hung out with us. In the development stakes, 14 and 21 year olds are worlds apart, and I couldn't imagine anything a 14 year old would say to me that I would find particularly interesting.

So it was at that stage that I learnt a valuable lesson. Parents don't have it in for you. They're simply old enough to see the bigger picture. I can't remember whether they tried to explain this to me at the time, its possible they did and I simply shouted at them until I felt I'd said my piece and conveyed how horrible I thought they were, and how unfair it all was. If they didn't try to explain, I can imagine why (see above) and I don't think I would have bothered, I would never have understood.

I saw that boy a few years ago. I was at TAFE, sort of like community college. I passed a classroom in the hallway that was full of "disadvantaged" and "special needs" students. He was sitting in the class, and it all made sense.

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