The Alcopop farce continues

Liquor industry dodges law with wino-pops
Now apparently they're going to try to get around the new tax by making WinoPops. Hmm, doesn't that sound yummy. Like a West Coast Cooler on a paddle-pop stick. Or Amy Winehouse re-inventing herself as Jessica-Simpson-esque-wholesome-fun?

I digress. They're talking about them being 8%+ !
Sweet! (I Swear I'm not an alco) They will have to be between 8-22% because that's the wine classification (I wonder where low alcohol Champagne's and Light Wine's are categorized then?).

They should have ditched the stupid tax immediately. Within weeks of the stupid tax being implemented, spirit sales went up. Yeah, because that's a better alternative, letting the twits mix their own drinks. No longer can you effectively count your drinks when you mix them yourself. M and his mate Todd have been known, on many a hard night to start out with 1 finger of bourbon in a tumbler mixed with coke, and by the end of the night they've got one finger of COKE. And they wonder why their heads are sore in the morning...

The flip side of increasing the cost of drinking, is that drugs become a more attractive option:
"If you can buy an ecstasy pill for $20, why would you buy alcohol?" Australian Hotels Association director Bill Healey said
Also, its official, I'm a binge drinker. How ridiculous, considering I can legally drive home after 3 drinks in 3.5 hours (I add the 30 minutes to be on the safe side)

The last thing I want to say on this, annoyingly I can't find the news article I read, but Rudd has hurt himself politically in Queensland also through the Alcopop tax. There is a very narrow margin they're holding there, and the tax has hit "bundy-drinkers" hard in the hip pocket.
Can anyone say, Knee-jerk Politics?

1 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

phonakins said...
June 18, 2008 8:02 AM

it's good to be a binger :)

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