A round of Margarita's, barkeep!

Well the verdict on these, because I know you've all been waiting with bated breath.
I didn't mind them. The "Margarita" ones (right) weren't as nice as a real Margarita, like I'd had in a restaurant mere days before I drank these. But it was passable.

Especially passable (can something BE especially passable?) as a key factor in the taste of a real cocktail margarita is the salt on the rim, kind of hard to salt encrust a premix bottle, so they've somehow mixed it into the flavour of the drink. Pleasant, drinkable, I could envisage myself spending a night on them without gagging by the third bottle (I'm talking to YOU vile blue and orange WKD things).
Sierra Tequila, for those of you you aren't tequila aficionado's is the tequila that you see with the little red hat on the cap. Interestingly when I looked them up, they actually have Gold and Silver tequilas, whereas I've only really seen the Silver, and thought they didn't do gold. Personally I prefer gold to silver, which is why I usually stick to Jose Cuervo for my tequila consumption.

Anyway the "Tropic" flavour was quite nice also.
Pet Hate # 65238:
giving things stupid names that don't actually help with defining the flavour/scent/colour of something
"Tropic" flavour is pineapple, orange & mango juices (complete with floaty pulp stuff for authenticity), with Tequila and Triple Sec. Very pleasant, and as there was such potential for the margarita flavour to be like poison and undrinkable, I bought a single of it, and a four-pack of the "Tropic". We'll see how I go with more than one, they were equally pleasant tasting, the margarita probably more so though.

Note I only had one of each drink, as I was the Designated Driver for the evening, which brings me to the second half of my evening, my first Random Breath Test!
I find it amazing I made it to 24 before having one!
I'd only had one each of the tequila things, and at 1.1 standard drinks (Re) + a glass of red wine, Thankfully I decided not to imbibe any further at the pub(s) after dinner as we'd reached that part of the evening where we could leave anytime, and I didn't want to sit there waiting for twenty minutes for the sake of a bit of vodka.
So by the time I saw the flashing lights I was actually totally confident I would pass. I was actually more concerned about possibly running down a policeman on the way into the lineup.
Interestingly, every person of driving ability I have mentioned this to, without exception, has remarked that regardless of guilt, even if they've had nothing to drink that night, they get anxious when waved in for a RBT. I couldn't count on two hands the number of times I've been waved on that I haven't almost melted in relief, so maybe that's why I wasn't worried at all, even though I had had drinks earlier in the evening.
One of the worst parts was M was passed out in the passenger seat, which probably didn't look very good.
btw- does anyone know why they ask you if your address is current on your licence? As he waited for the reading, he casually asked if I was still at "XXX Mulberry Lane" which kind of confused me. "no, I've actually moved since then, do you have a label I might use?"

To come: My account of my only other brush with the boys in blue.

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Fiona said...
June 06, 2008 6:28 PM

I've only been breathalysed once... driving through a little town called Holbrook in NSW, between Gundagai and Albury... it was Sunday afternoon and I was so sober.

Reanan said...
June 09, 2008 9:55 AM

Those tropic things were not half bad actually... didn't know they had triple sec in them also.
And don't forget the mysterious 'tequila' flavour.

I think that regardless of guilt a police officer is supposed to in still something in you that makes you slightly on edge. After all they have the control. And who hates not being in control more than you, er I mean a Librian.

M said...
June 09, 2008 6:53 PM

Maybe the cop though you were kinda cute (i can't blame him) and was making sure he knew where to stalk you later...

K said...
June 10, 2008 4:00 PM

I think they ask so that if they arrest you they know what to write on the form. Or maybe they fine you for not having it current.

Who knows really? But I think I'll have to give these drinkies a burl.

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