Horror movie right there in my.....brain

(In case the song lyric is a bit too obscure for you.....)
I had awful dreams last night. It was like my brain was determined to scare the crap out of me. I think it stemmed from two things.
A_Right before we went to bed, M showed me a text message he got on his phone, a creepy hoax forward thing "we're watching you, pay us or die" VERY FREAKY
B_I went to the gym in the evening, and I hate walking around at night by myself. I convince myself that I'm going to be attacked by a random stranger and spend the 3 minutes it takes me to walk back up the hill, freaking out and walking quickly whilst looking over my shoulder. This is worse on some days than others, and yesterday I happened to notice two guys sitting in a parked car. This is all it takes to set me off. Normally I can rationalise to myself that I have a fighting chance when its 1 on 1, but 2 on 1, odds are not so good. So you can see where my brains going here.

Obviously got home without incident, but the added layer of worry with the weird text message on M's phone meant for some strange dreams.

My first dream (that I remember) I was at a house party, and there were about six girls (I think some were old primary school friends LOL) and we decided to watch a movie. I think I protested that I didn't want to watch a horror movie, but they assured me it wasn't that scary. As the film progressed however, it most certainly WAS a horror movie, with an awful plot, and the scenery looked like the house in Hostel, if you've seen it. Since I was dreaming I felt like I was IN the horror movie as well, eventually to the point of someone's face melting in my hands.
I think at this point I was so freaked out mentally, I told my brain I didn't want to watch the movie anymore (in the dream). I think this was my initial attempt to "tell myself to wake up" except I've never been very good at that in dreams.
So Dream-me tells my friends I'm not wtching anymore, and the horror movie morphs into the "main" part of the dream, and its all bad and the girl I'm sitting with tries to kill me before I run screaming, and at this point I successfully manage to tell my conscious brain that I want to wake up, I don't like this dream. So I did, and I was kind of groggy, but I could tell it was early enough that if I wasn't careful and I woke up TOO much, I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep for the few hours until I needed to get up.

The problem with this was though, that everytime I tried to go back to sleep the dream would come back, in the middle of the awfulness, so I tried to think of happy thoughts to distract myself. I particularly remember singing that Colbie Calait song "Bubbly" in my head and seeing the video, which is pretty and romantic, and light and sunny.
This ended up with me imagining a serial killer standing behind Colbie Calait slitting her throat.

I know, charming isn't it.
I think there was lots of stabbing and acid and burning and screaming in this dream, I was feeling quite terrified at the idea of slipping back into it.

M ended up getting up sometime around then, so I woke myself up properly and focused on the sounds of him, which allowed me to drift bak to sleep without the terrible images of singers being gutted.

Cue second dream. This one feels like a Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter movie rolled together, very fantastic and otherworldly. Vivid colour, lots of green, whereas the last dream was all brown, sepia and dank feeling. Somehow I manage to piss off an ogre thing and he spends the rest of the movie trying to get me, before trying to drown me in this giant lake.
Then I wake up and think "wtf" I'm getting up now, I don't care WHAT time it is.

So feeling a little mentlly exhausted now, which explains why I forgot to bring something to work that a friend was going to pick up. Gah!

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K said...
June 27, 2008 3:03 PM


Unfortunately I have no words of wisdom. I rarely dream at all and can't recall having ever had a nightmare

Dataceptionist said...
June 27, 2008 4:07 PM

Really K? Maybe my sleep-state is particularly active then? I feel like I dream a lot, the weirder ones I've posted here, but a lot slip by un-blogged, good and bad.
Did you have any pre-wedding dreams?

Ronnie Ann said...
June 28, 2008 2:19 AM

Hi Dataceptionist!

Wow! I usually love trying to interpret dreams, but not sure I have all that much useful to add here. ;-)

Sorry you had such creepy dreams. I guess in one way these were good dreams because they helped you face some terrifying fears (some obvious and some not so obvious)- and the good news is you survived!

Our brains are terrific fear factories, aren't they? But yours...aaah! I think it's a thing of beauty. Taking real-life scary stuff, yours turned it into a blockbuster movie. Shows me you're tremendously creative and could probably rival J.K. Rowling if you put your mind to it. :)

Sweet dreams tonight.

Ronnie Ann

Dataceptionist said...
June 29, 2008 6:28 PM

hhehe wish I could feel like I had conquered the fear through dream, but unfortunately no...

Hahahaha, I think not! But thanks for saying so Ronnie Ann. ;)

K said...
June 30, 2008 2:31 PM

No - no pre-wedding dreams. I tend to have odd dreams where I know its a dream and can somewhat control what happens. Although tha strangest people turn up. not usually friends but lots of acquaintences and celebrities.

They're very random and not always continuous but jump around. usualy in the morning when I'm snoozing.

Dataceptionist said...
June 30, 2008 3:15 PM

I have lots of those early morning dreams too K, where you can manipulate the events.
Hahaha cameo appearances in dreams. LOL

I had a few wedding dreams, just weird! I think I added them to the Dream tag, stuff about makeup and dresses being wrong. At least I knew the source of them though....

Good news by the way everyone, M not dead.

Reanan said...
June 30, 2008 7:39 PM

First dream sounds rather horrifying, strange considering that the singer ended up biting it in the end of the dream... I HATE not being able to wakeup enough that you keep going back to the dream.
Hate that.

The second dream actually sounds kind of comical LOL
The troll in Harry Potter is a bit dull looking lol

PrincesseEmma said...
June 30, 2008 7:50 PM

I have nightmares all the time.
The worst kind of dreams I have are when someone I love dies. Sometimes I even wake up crying. It's awful.
I just posted about a dream too (not a bad one though) :-)

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