Crazy Japanese shoes

Got an email forward from my mum today with some crazy shoes which are apparently all the rage in Japan: ** Fetish Shoes - See update at bottom
(These are actually kind of awesome, and I wants them. At least, the part of me that is none-too-concerned about falling flat on my face every three steps, wants them. My pride is calling out for some respect though)

These remind me of these Balenciaga shoes Rihanna wore

I don't know whether they're real shoes for sale, I can only guess by the style of the shots that they are. I've spoken before on my hate of unsubstantiated emails being sent around, and investigation of this finds no obvious "these shoes aren't real" claims.

They have featured on a few shoe blogs however, where I also found these gems to the left. They almost look like the formal shoe for the dedicated ballerina.

M's godson, Ryder
(yeah ok this seems random in the middle of a post about shoes, but go with me)
is walking around now, as children at 18 months old are prone to do. The weird thing is though, that one of his feet he walks with his toes all curled over. You've seen those ballet movies like Centre Stage (did you know that was written by Judy Nunn aka Ailsa from Home and Away?) where you see the obligatory shot of them bending their toes right over "warming up". Like that. I'm intrigued as to what it means.

I also found this shot, from The Shoe Blog contributor jitterbugbaby on a holiday IN Japan. While this is possibly the fuggiest look in the world, I do LOVE these shoes (you probably need to click through to see them better).
She also saw this awesome pair of heels with JEWELRY for Shoes! Does it get any better?

As you can imagine, the Google Image Search of "Crazy Japanese Shoes" yeilds plenty of material of a meaningful nature, as well as batshit-crazy. But I will leave you with these wonderful images, of which I also cannot verify their authenticity, but if true, are enough to turn your stomach.

As it has been drawn to my attention that these are actually fetish shoes, I found that "ballet boots" even have their own Wiki article.
Indeed the article tells us-
Ballet boots and shoes are not, however, intended for prolonged standing or walking. Instead, they act as a fetish object for sexual gratification, heightening the erotic appeal with the elements of bondage and submission. They are thus sometimes used in BDSM play. For example, someone may be put in predicament bondage by being placed in suspension bondage arranged so that he or she must either hang by the arms or rest all of the body's weight on the toes. The boots, however, can cause enough discomfort by themselves: shortly after they are donned, the calves often begin to cramp and sting from overexertion if the wearer is not used to them. International Fetish Model Charlotte Brooke has walked around at FetishCon (a bondage and fetish convention) for a full 9 hour day.
Thanks to Lou and Network Geek for illuminating us :)
(To purchase a pair, see Lou for Oz, or Network Geek for the USA)

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lou said...
July 02, 2008 1:09 PM

Um, dude those are fetish shoes. You can buy them in Australia... from House of Fetish on Oxford St. (And for the record, I want a pair too!)

If you are bored, type 'ballet boots' into youtube and have a look ;)

Reanan said...
July 03, 2008 9:22 PM

Where are my sneakers?


Dataceptionist said...
July 04, 2008 10:24 AM

@ lou
umm, well, hmm. Do you mean all of them, or just the ones I want?

@ Reanan
Hahahah, now I know you REALLY mean your Uggs you bogan.

Network Geek said...
July 09, 2008 8:23 AM

Well, the first couple pictures are totally fetish shoes. I don't know where you can buy them in Australia, but, if you're really interested, I can probably tell you where you can find them in the States via the Internet.
No, I won't give you the whole story, but my ex-wife was really into shoes, but told her new husband that it was all me. I sent all her shoes to Goodwill and wrote about it on my blog, just in case she was reading. That was fun.

K said...
July 09, 2008 3:49 PM

Disturbingly the bound feet pics are probably legit.

I think the ballet shoes are awesome but query why there are no full length photos - perhpas cause the models are olding on to stop themselves falling over?

And they'd be painful to stand in for more than 2 seconds (let alone walk) but they look so hot...

Dataceptionist said...
July 09, 2008 4:01 PM

*Updated thanks to all. :)

Hannah said...
December 22, 2008 12:27 PM

Sorry - randomly found your page while searching for shoe refs - those photos of the chinese woman at the bottom of the blog are real. She's the last living chinese woman with bound feet.

It was started when she was very very young, as a purely aesthetic thing (they liked tiny feet, obviously) and because her feet have been bound into the shape since she was so young, they are now permanently disfigured and she HAS to bind them to be able to walk at all - much like the women who wore such tiny corsets, they couldn't stand without them on, for fear of snapping their spines.

Sorry for snooping in XD

Dataceptionist said...
December 22, 2008 12:32 PM

Hey Hannah, you're welcome to look around, its an open house.

And thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...
May 10, 2009 9:18 PM

Yeah just wanted to point out that Center stage ( the film about the american ballet company ) was not written by Judy Nunn. She wrote a book called Center stage but it focuses on three youths ( Maddy, Alex and Julien ) who go to a drama acting academy and eventually become stars of broadway/hollywood. The dramatic conclusion ends with a play entitled 'Center stage' - also not about American ballet academy entrants ;D

xD Sorry, I just really love the movie and hate that book. I don't want them ever confused as one and the same @__@

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