Finger Sandwich?

I heard on the news this morning that Princess Mary and Frederick are attending Wimbeldon today as spectators and will be viewing from "the royal box".
This got me to thinking about what the etiquette between royalty from seperate countries is nowadays. When I think of royalty and the idea of one Crown Prince calling on a Queen of another nation (in this case), I think we have a tendency to think back to Elizabethan or Victorian eras. You suddenly imagine everyone with giant dresses with powdered faces. However we KNOW the Queen is more fond of a Pill-box hat than she is a hoop-skirt, so already my imaginings are way out of sync.
I wonder whether Fredericks "people" have to call the Queen's "people" as a courtesy before they arrive. Is it seen as a hostile act to simply turn up at Buckingham Palace for a visit? AND is it "snubbing" the Queen if they popped over into London for a weekend and didn't come by to say hello?

In a modern sense, do we assume "the royal box" is to mean Mary and Frederick will be sitting with the Queen (if she attends) and Charles & Camilla? Perhaps Mary and Frederick will be lumped at the "kids table" with William, Harry, Kate Middleton and the other girl (whats Harry's gf's name? The slapper one?). They'll return to Denmark with tales of the boys rough-housing in their suits, and the girls whispering behind their hands, pointing at them occassionally so they know they're being talked about.

I wonder how many traditions survive through the ages. I kind of like the idea of "my guy called your guy, and said it was ok if we crashed your box today"

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Reanan said...
July 06, 2008 8:45 PM

Ahh yes, our nations are built upon decades of stodgy procedure and privilege

I feel sure that the Danish royal family’s people call the British royal family’s people to co-ordinate this. Nobody wants to be red-faced turning up and blundering into that disastrous family (HAHA take your pick who I’m referring to.)

Dataceptionist said...
July 07, 2008 11:07 AM

@ Reanan
I can only think you mean the Brits being the disasters. I thought the Dane's were ok?

I find it tremendously interesting how much press the Royals get in the UK (Naturally of course). In my search for a suitable image for this post (this wasn't AT ALL what I had in mind) I found a story in the Daily Mail. It was focused on the first time Thingo Brown (new PM there) his wife, when she met Camilla for the first time, she curtseyed (as she's technically Royalty). This made headlines as Cherie Blair, apparantly famously refused to curtsey to any Royals whilst her husband was in office.
I found it interesting anyway.

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