Starbucks shuts 61 of 84 stores

Story in the Australian today -,,24099400-5013404,00.html

Well I'm not that sad to see them go really. I always thought their coffee tasted like brown water. I can make (bad) brown water at home thanks, not pay $4.60 for it. (I do feel very sorry for the 600+ staff set to lose their jobs)

actually always thought their sizing was excessive. I mean, being a short style coffee-drinker of course I don't want to drink all that milk, sure, but the idea of the largest coffee you can buy ( Venti? Grande? N.F.I.....?) makes me positively nauseous.
Bigger certainly not better IMHO....

s the Australian says today

Another explanation is that Australians are more particular about their coffee than the average American. "In the eyes of many Australians, they have always been seen as a big American interloper," Mr Eslake said.

Enjoying a latte at Badde Manors in the inner-western Sydney suburb of Glebe, Harry Vasutabu wasn't surprised to hear the news. "I'd much rather come somewhere like this. The vibe is so much better here. The people are more interesting here. The atmosphere is more interesting," he said. "Starbucks seems so fake. The coffee there is not that good."

Ok, I've been to Badde Manors, and I'd say the atmosphere at that particular inner-west cafe is pretentious and more like "we're so EDGY!" "Look at our Badde spelling!"

s my boss heard quoted (somewhere) today, Australians have choice for good coffee. There are a million brands, and they're (mostly) all good! Instead of the choice between drip-filter sludge in the US and espresso at Starbucks, hey I'd take Starbucks in that equation too.

ow if they could only take Gloria Jeans with them too....

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.:.:. Reanan .:.:. said...
July 30, 2008 11:59 AM

I thought the job aspect was sad as well.
Now where are all the diseffected youths going to work now :(

I've also been to Badde Manners, good gelato (devine actually) but coffee wise, IMHO nothing to RAVE on about.
Meenwhile I think Harry Vasutabu is a little too self important for my liking. Thanks Harry but if you think you're the height of interesting I'll go next door lol.

Anonymous said...
July 30, 2008 1:51 PM

Oy! As an American who likes good coffee, let me say that I've never really liked Starbucks! And, they're closing a bunch of stores here, too. It's too bad for the staff, because they get medical benefits which are very important here in the States, but, honestly, they were in too many places and meant for pretentious people with more money than sense. There are plenty of small, independent coffee shops that are much better in terms of product. Or, for that matter, I can just go to Whole Foods and buy some Blue Batak and make it myself. Hmph!

Dataceptionist said...
July 30, 2008 1:58 PM

@ Network Geek
Hahahahaha, ok settle petal. :)
It please me greatly that you are not a drinker of sludge. I saw they're closing 600 of your stores over there, all very weird really. I remember an old post I did on Starbucks about them trying to open in China
so you're probably right about them overextending themselves. They did well to become a recognisable brand however.

K said...
July 30, 2008 2:12 PM

They just grew too fast with no thought. Bad business management but nothing excuses the shite coffee.

Gloria Jeans can stay for awhile...

.:.:. Reanan .:.:. said...
July 31, 2008 9:54 AM

GJ's can go for my money, I've never had a coffee from there that wasn't too hot, too bitter, too sweet, too big or too expensive.
You can have my GJ's K lol

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