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Hey a few new features! Blogger has enabled embedded comment forms (through Blogger in Draft-See your Dashboard for more info) so I'm going to give it a try.
Worst draw back seems to be that you can't tick the box "subscribe to comments"
Let me know if you particularly miss this feature, and we might switch back to the old format until they've worked that kink out. The next feature may help however....
I've added a "Recent Comments" widget, courtesy of Amanda at Blogger Buster. (This is a TOP site, if you want to do something tricky on your Blogger blog, pop over and have a squizz at her widgets and template hacks, they're pretty straightforward) It will show the last ten comments across all posts. Unfortunately it doesn't ignore me though.
I've really wanted this feature for ages as its quite common on Typepad blogs. I've put it up the top of the sidebar for the moment, but it will probably migrate lower in a week or so.
So if anything looks weird for a bit, bear with me, I'm tinkering a bit, just hit refresh and the weirdness may disappear. :)

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