TSSH? Never heard of it, til now....

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Like a million other office workers who trawl the interwebs every day, I am a creature of habit. I visit the same bunch of sites every day almost. I do try to stretch myself however, and I do like to follow links to find what's beyond the looking glass, so to speak, its not always fruitful, but sometimes...

Its interesting that the blogosphere, and websites in general, have no real directory. You can go to Google with specific search terms of course, and there's Technorati as well, but I'm a paper person. Give me a choice* between the actual printed Yellow Pages, and the online version, and I'll take the printed version (*as long as I don't know what I'm looking for)
Its hard to just sort of browse the Internet, like you would flicking through a magazine.

Last week, I stumbled onto a really weird site. Even though I blog, I don't necessarily think of myself as a "blogger". The term "blogger" for me, conjures up people like Samantha Brett, Sam de Brito and Tim Blair. People who get paid to blog. I, clearly, do not get paid to blog LOL.
Interesting piece on whether "bloggers" even exist anymore at The Local

Being that I'm not "a blogger" I've never followed the politics of the interwebs, and they, like any other community, exist. A site I stumbled onto last week, details the rise, and now fall, of a blogging duo called "Caz" and "The Hack". Apparently they were quite nasty to some bloggers they didn't like, and outed them on their own site, "The Spin Starts Here"{TSSH} (no hyperlink available as the site has been taken down, the inference one assumes to be that the nasty things they wrote are indefensible now) naming names and threatening to take legal action when their behaviour was criticised. So it is with apparent glee, that a site called "The Lulz Start Here" has been created, devoted to naming and shaming "Caz" Caroline Hamilton, a Victoria Parks PR employee, and "The Hack" James/Jamie Duncan of Australian Associated Press.

Yes, this is Australian! The Age has even picked up the story, I can only imagine because an AAP staff member is involved, and because said staff member starting legal proceedings against the wrong person, then retracted the complaint, making for the beginnings of a tawdry tale indeed.
It's a very interesting read, and I couldn't help but bookmark it, even though I wasn't around to read "TSSH", though it was apparently quite popular in its day. Check it out, to see how horribly badly "anonymously" picking on people can come back to bite you.

2 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

Anonymous said...
June 14, 2008 6:07 PM

I used to read it back in the old days, but lost interest some time along the way

Dataceptionist said...
June 18, 2008 9:16 AM

Had you heard of Lulz before this then Fiona?
I just find the whole thing so bizarre!

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