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What a shocking, sad story.

Mr Tripp was shopping at 7.30pm when an argument broke out near him. Witnesses said a female customer accused another shopper of pushing ahead of her in the queue and insulting her.
She spotted the abusive youth at a customer counter in the supermarket a moment later, and called her partner on a mobile phone.
He allegedly stormed into the store and she told him "That's the guy, that's the guy".

But he thought she was pointing at Mr Tripp, a 57-year-old structural engineer, not at the youth in the queue ahead of him.
Mr Tripp was punched once in the face.
But the single blow was so hard, he collapsed unconscious on to the supermarket floor, blood gushing from his mouth and nose. He was rushed to hospital but his life support was switched off yesterday morning.

Police arrested 37-year-old Tony Virsami and charged him with murder. His partner Antoinette Richardson, 37, was also charged with murder.

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