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In an issue Re and I have been closely following, there is hope!

ONLINE auction site eBay has failed in its bid to force its customers to use PayPal - a company it owns - to pay for items on the website.

Last night the ACCC said it proposed to revoke eBay's application to enforce the use of PayPal for all transactions, saying it was a threat to competition.

"The ACCC is concerned eBay (would) use its market power to substantially lessen competition," ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel said.
Woot Woot! Power to, well, the ACCC I guess, and not the people.
Its all good though. A good thing that has come out of this debacle however, is increased traffic to alternative Australian Auction sites. Yay.
In other news, a new social networking site called has been launched by Cardinal George Pell in Sydney overnight, billed as Catholic Facebook. - representing "Christ in the third millennium" - aims to connect young Catholics before, during and after next month's World Youth Day (WYD) in Sydney.

One of the site's founders, Robert Toone, said could also provide a useful tool for dialogue between faiths - one of the stated aims of Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit to Australia.

"I think it's a wonderful opportunity to break down some of the barriers that may exist," he said.

WYD co-ordinator Bishop Anthony Fisher also highlighted this potential.

"All sorts of young people will come in and out of this site ... they won't necessarily be Catholics or high-octane Catholics," he said.

Hmm, (Moving RIGHT past the concept of rev-head catholics LOL) not knocking Catholicism or anything, by its one of those religions that isn't neccessarily quite SO attractive to those not of the faith. Before marrying a Catholic I thought Catholics were rather strict and secular. Of course now I know that isn't true, but one of the hurdles Catholicism faces in the future is that it isn't quite as attractive to newcomers, as say, the Evangelical churches like Hillsong (nor is it as corrupted-wait did I say that? No...)
So I find it difficult to go with the idea that non-catholics will be interested in joining a Catholic Social networking scene. I could be proven wrong however.

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Reanan said...
June 14, 2008 8:38 AM


Thank goodness sense has prevailed here.

This is a total coup d'├ętat for buys and sellers alike I believe.

I understand the importance of buyer protection most certainly. But mandatory use of PayPal which was acquired by EBay kills off small traders like you and me who might want to sell that jacket or shoes that never fit.
Operating PayPal tyrannically was woefully dressed up to the consumer as an imitation Buyer/Seller protection when really they were profiteer mongering for their new acquisition.
Hooray I say.

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