Computer dramas resolved.

Marvelous things computers. I was all set to get really annoyed when the outcome of yesterdays computer glitches was that my CPU was cactus. I was thinking to myself, "garrghhh, because I choose to use FireFox I've lost all my bookmarks and all my stufff. Grrr. My profile is still saved because its on the network though. *sigh* oh well if this CPU is to be the one I'm using now, I can download FireFox onto THIS one."

So I do, and as soon as it opened, I thought "hang on, thats the skin I had on the other CPU"
"Yay! There are all my bookmarks! Clever computers!"
I've also changed desks at work now, (hopefully permanently. I'm going to try to continually sneak all my gear upstairs gradually so my boss doesn't notice)
Its different, but in this case, a change is not as good as a holiday. Give me the Bahamas over a different desk location any day.

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