Taking the Plunge

Discovered at work we have a mini coffee plunger, just big enough for one cup of coffee.
Handily, looks just like this one-->
It's branded with a recruitment company's details, which leads me to believe it must be a gift from some Christmas past. I want to say here and now, AWESOME IDEA, recruitment company. If I was a decision maker, I would totally use you again after this gift. Unlike the entirely shithouse bottle of branded Red Wine from Mail Call I got at my last job to try to win our courier business. M took one sip (he's the red drinker in our house) and declared it rubbish. I then made the mistake of trying to cook with it (to use it up!), committing the cardinal cooking sin of "don't cook with wine you wouldn't drink". As such I've been too scared to try to cook with wine again.
But I digress.

I made a brew, the Coffee is nice, the reason I like plunger coffee is I can use the same blend I would make espresso with, and grind the beans fresh myself at home.
But, I've put in too much sugar! I could almost stand my spoon up in the cup. Dammit.

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PrincesseEmma said...
April 30, 2008 11:10 AM

Hmm, two posts both realted to sugar issues :-)
What my boyfriend and I did was slowly reduce the amount of sugar we used in our coffee, basically weaning ourselves off it. Didn't take long, now we both use no sugar in tea or coffee (I'm a big tea drinker). If someone puts one teaspoon of sugar in our coffee now it tastes awful and we can't drink it! Funny how you can get used to no sugar!

K said...
April 30, 2008 11:15 AM

H doesn't take sugar in his coffee but I have too. Its too bitter otherwise. But only 2.

We have a 2 cup plunger at home that we use (no instant in our house). Yummo!

Reanan said...
April 30, 2008 4:48 PM

hehe I must admit I still have two teaspoons of sugar and thats after doing PEm's trick of weaning myself off it!

I decided last year that I didn't want to involve other people in my coffee destiny and bought myself a mini plunger... brilliant notion!!

Dataceptionist said...
May 01, 2008 4:17 PM

Can't see the fun in weaning myself off sugar personally. I don't eat cereal so that kilos and kilos of sugar statistic doesn't really apply to me. I can drink sugarless tea, and very little sugar in coffee, but have no interest in weaning myself off sugar really LOL

I love that you've weaned already Reanan, and are "back on the gear"

We have instant K but I'm not sure why. I discovered there was little point when I went to serve some to someone at home one day, and it was all crusty because more than a year after purchase, we'd never used it....ew.....

You'll all be pleased to hear that susequent forays into the mini-plunge have been successful, although I suspect the grind is too fine as the bottom of the cup is all muddy.

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