Sony World Photography Awards - Some finalists

Ice cave ... Christof Pluemacher, from Germany, won a place in the abstract section finals with this image. Picture: Christof Pluemacher

Dash of colour ... Swiss photographer Terence du Fresne, won a place in the advertising finals with his shot USP Mountain. Picture: Terence du Fresne

^I love this one looks like its photoshopped.

Wallflowers ... Koray Birand, from Turkey had Widows on Set nominated as a fashion finalist. Picture: Koray Birand, courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards

Get on with your knitting ... in the fashion section Dutch photographer Eunice Lievald had Don't Be So Tied and Twise. Open yourself up! shortlisted as a finalist. Picture: Eunice Lievald

In the swing ... American photographer Howard Schatz won a place in the sports section finals with RLX 003. Picture: Howard Schatz

Freeze frame ... in the science section Russian Vladimir Nefedov had his picture The Bell shortlisted. Picture: Vladimir Nefedov

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