Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

This guy, crystallises and distills what I've been thinking for a while now.

Road Map to Defeat

Published: April 19, 2008

The Democrats are doing everything they can to blow this presidential election. This is a skill that comes naturally to the party. There is no such thing as a can’t-miss year for the Democrats. They are truly gifted at finding ways to lose....
Now comes 2008, a can’t-lose year if there ever was one. A united Democratic Party should be able to win this election in a walk. The economy is terrible and getting worse. The Republicans are demoralized. John McCain is no J.F.K. And the country wants to elect a Democrat.

So what are the Democrats doing? The Clintons are running around with flamethrowers, gleefully trying to incinerate the prospects of the party’s leading candidate, Barack Obama. As Bill Clinton put it last month: “If a politician doesn’t want to get beat up, he shouldn’t run for office.”

Senator Obama, for his part, seems to have lost sight of the unifying message that proved so compelling early in his campaign and has stumbled into weird cultural predicaments that have caused some people to rethink his candidacy.
That raucous laughter you hear in the background is coming from the likes of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, President Bush and Senator McCain. They can’t believe their good fortune....

Read the full column from the NY Times here.

In other news, London is going to the polls soon to elect a new Mayor. Vegemite eating Ex-pat Non-blondie has provided a succinct, thought provoking (=hilarious) breakdown of the major contenders, for those of us who can't vote and want to just laugh at the campaigns of politicians in other countries. And by that, I mean she's Rating the Hotties.

3 kindred spirits ~ This bugs them too!:

e_add2008 said...
April 30, 2008 1:40 AM

Selfishness, in this point of the game. Then selfishness there after for a couple. I want a new, that these three brought up, an unkown. This would tell me that the country is going places, but now sterile of any unknown that a politician would believe in. I've seen/heard the Governor of California and our President of USA :). I had a chance to shake there hand, but I sat back and watched everybody else. Being happy for those that did, but what they both said to me in there speaches is "This is just a big show and support me." I really don't want to shake the hand of a show man (go to a circus).

.:.:. Reanan .:.:. said...
April 30, 2008 7:48 AM

Ahh man sounds like the democrates might have fudged this one eh?

Dataceptionist said...
April 30, 2008 9:38 AM

Is Democrates Socrates' brother Reanan?

Some interesting points there e_add. There does seem to be a ridiculous system happening there in Yankyland that IMHO needs a bit of reform.
All that wasted money on campaigning, I can't see that happening in Australia, the public would be crying blue murder at all the wasted money.
And so much pomp after each small victory, the celebration when a primary is won, is bigger than the celebration when a new Prime Minister (our highest office) is elected here! Just bizarre. They have definitely both lost sight of the "prize" though. Quit squabbling amongst yourselves!

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