Wedding Q & A -Pt2

Hey PrincesseEmma!
Ding ding! Round 2 lol. This got out of hand in the comment section of this post so I've done a post.

Did you enjoy planning the wedding?
Umm, loaded question with many answers. Yes & no. In retrospect I did, but I didn't have a whole lot of a job I was doing at the time so I was able to surf the net and look for stuff all day, and sit on the forums (as above) all day. This was possibly a negative though as it meant I became consumed with the wedding. I enjoyed part of its but it was quite stressful. Which brings us to...

What was the most stressful part?

On the leadup to the wedding?

- we ended up culling a few people that were bordering on friend/acquaintance lines, I handled it really badly unfortunately, I should have been upfront about it. It gets a bit messy and a bit sticky when you first get engaged you end up with lots of excited well-meaning (female) acquantainces that you talk lots of "wedding" to. As a result, come invite time you've talked heaps about your wedding to them, and its almost like you owe them an invite, when under normal circumstances you might not even invite them to your birthday. So we had a few friends like that who we did invite and they've never forgiven us. One couple will barely speak to me and be civil, the other two couples are tight lipped but polite. With the appalling behaviour in the aftermath though, we made the right decision.
Cars- I really wanted them but they were just TOO xpensive and we couldn't justify the costs because we had 10 in our bridal party. This still causes me grief.
Shopping for the best price for something you've already decided on. This gets so tedious and irritating.
Gift Registry wasn't stressful but it was possibly one of the most boring parts.

After the Wedding- The Photography.
I was SO unhappy with the photography, we completely misread our photographer and his style and we didn't feel he captured us at all. I really wanted breathtakingly beautiful photos, and thats not really what we got. I know they exist because I've seen them. *sigh*
This is a personal pain though, because no one else seems to see it.

Did you feel different once you were married?
Gushy part!
I love being married I think its fantastic, and I defintely think it feels different in a positive way. Personally I feel its different to dating or being engaged even. Well, for me the engagement was just a transitional period anyway, we were only engaged for 8 months between question and wedding day.
The thing I discovered was most different was after we got married there was a sense of relaxation. Its hard to describe but I realised I'd just naturally stopped thinking of things in our life with a shelf life or finite in any way. And it literally didn't happen until after we got married.
Its this feeling that makes me horrified at the idea of people getting divorced, that gut-wrenching realisation that the other person wasn't feeling that way, and the idea of your cocoon of bliss being ripped away from you by the person you love.
I just feel an innate permanency with marriage, the feeling that this person will be there forever now, and you can always rely on them.
I don't know if others feel this way, but theres a beautiful finality to marriage I feel.

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