Well they're certainly provocative

And thats the intent right?
A provocative new range of T-shirts, created by Sydney-based businessmen Peter Legras and Adam Hunt, have been on sale for just a week but already they are being described as "rude and revolting" by critics.

...But Eva Cox from the Women's Electoral Lobby said the T-shirts' content spoke for itself. She said: "They're tasteless, crappy, crass and stupid and if people want to be seen as tasteless, crappy, crass and stupid, they'll wear the shirts.
"It's vulgar and nasty and encourages people to be rude and revolting. Who the hell wants to wear T-shirts like that?"

Okayyyy clearly not YOU Cox-y.

My personal favourite.
Mostly because I really wish I still worked in IT, and I hope no one would ever it directed at me!
Personally, I like slogan shirts, if they really speak to me, I consider buying them. But you know what the annoying ting about them is? They're always made for boys. I know this because even though they usually offer "Ladies Tees" this is still a T-shirt. Give me a goddam tank top!
Sigh. Fug shirts-case in point. And that website's target market is female. Bah.

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