Biggest Losers lovers?

When I saw the headline "Sparks Fly for The Biggest Loser" I naturally assumed it was Michael and Sheridan, who were seen (and promoted) to have "a romantic connection" on the show, including having confronting questions about their relationship posed to them on the show about whether "finding love" had affected their weight loss dreams.
Clearly between the two of them it must have had some effect, because the week it "came out" on the show was Sheridan's last, and then supposedly in heartbreak Michael was out the next week (from memory).
So I was shocked to discover the article was about a supposed romance between Big Garry and Carianne! (one of the twins)
(hey Garry, whats with the Shirt promoting chips?)On a side note, really wanted a woman to win this year, Alison came so close! But in the end it was 19 year old Sam, with a loss of 71kg. Which is a massive effort and good on him.
He'll be beating them off with a stick now!

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M said...
May 07, 2008 1:33 PM

I think the Biggest Loser from this relationship will be the bed springs.
I wonder what ever happened to Michael and Sheridan? She turned into a bit of a spunk - but she's still got that bitchy look about her.

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