Killing Fear - Allison Brennan ****/*

Six years ago, lawyer Theodore Glenn was convicted of brutally murdering four strippers in San Diego. But as he was dragged from the courtroom, he made a vehement promise to kill all those who testified against him …

Robin McKenna, a former stripper, had shared a stage with all four of the victims. Over the last six years Robin's worked hard to turn her life around, transforming the strip joint where she once worked with her friends into an upscale bar. Self-defence courses, a good security team - and the fact that Glenn is rotting on Death Row in San Quentin have helped her to feel safe again. But not a day goes by when Robin doesn't think of her friends. Or - if she's honest - of homicide detective Will Hooper, the man who put Glenn behind bars. Their fledging relationship had not survived beyond Glenn's trial. But when a freak earthquake hits California, Theodore Glenn escapes San Quentin. Convicted of four murders, he knows he's guilty of only three and is determined to find out who framed him for the fourth, whilst systematically eradicating all those who put him in prison…

AWESOME book. I read it in three days I think. Highly recommend if you're looking for a suspense/thriller.
Even some sexy time thrown in for good measure.

4.5 / 5

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K said...
May 26, 2008 10:29 AM

This actually sounds quite good. I'll have to hunt this one down.

Dataceptionist said...
May 26, 2008 12:00 PM

Yes, do K. When I looked her up to find the cover art, I found she's written quite a bit, so I'm going to find some of her other stuff. This one apparently fits into a (loose) trilogy called the Jailbreak Trilogy, but I'm pretty sure the only recurrent theme/characters IS Jailbreak.
BTW this is the UK cover, which just happened to be the print run that my library bought.

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