Shitty nights sleep and more coffee shop capers

Welcome to my 600th post.
I slept SO badly last night. M was sleeping on his back, just slightly encroaching on my side, and I was hyper aware of it all night. I kept tossing and turning and grabbing doona. He was clearly oblivious to my discomfort however, laughing at me when I exploded onto his side of the bed as soon as he'd vacated it.
My fitful night led to some intense, very weird dreams, but I can't remember them now. Should have written a few key words down. Something about a ravine...

Monday night is chocka block at the gym. I don't normally get to go on a Monday, we have dinner at my mother-in-laws normally on Monday nights. I do think its a great way to kick off the week however.
I've increased my tea and coffee consumption through the work week I've noticed. Since I gained access to a plunger at work, I normally have at least one coffee, and one cup of tea. I would have said before now, that average tea/coffee consumption was only one macch, first thing in the morning. Occasionally I would mosey over to the cafe for another coffee, or a hot chocolate, but these instances were few and far between.
I'm wondering if the added milk and sugar are affecting me, even though I only ever have skim + 1.

Coffee Lady accidentally made an enemy last week. She asked me to "have a quiet word" with my boss about the fact that he'd forgotten to pay for his coffee and toast as he was chatting with a friend while he was in the cafe. I instantly forgot of course, so when she asked me the next day what his response had been (as he didn't come in to settle the matter), I smacked my forehead and proclaimed I would "go straight back" and discuss it.
When I mentioned it to him however, he blew up, saying he did pay, and starting spouting some righteous indignation that he'd been so good to her, helping her in her personal life, not taking the free coffees that the loyalty cards are for. He gave me the money to pay her, vowing not to take his patronage there again however.
And I guess yes, when I think about it, she's essentially saying she thinks he's the sort of guy who would just walk out without paying, happy to fleece her.

She recently put her prices up, and my coffee went up by 10c. Prices increased Monday, but as I'd had an appointment, I trundled over none-the-wiser on Tuesday morning, short the 10c when I went to pay. So instead of saying "no don't worry about it, just pay the increased amount from tomorrow" she added me to a long list of 10c here, 20c there "payments owed" on the wall.

She's a funny bird, for someone who has the shop littered with "good Karma" concepts and life and love giving mantras; she's tight as a ducks asshole.

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K said...
May 27, 2008 12:43 PM

That's really weird. Especially since those little things go such a long way to keepinng regular patronage.

sharkcrow said...
May 27, 2008 12:51 PM

What a silly woman! That's petty enough that I'd get really petty too and get my coffee elsewhere...

Reanan said...
May 27, 2008 1:15 PM

Ohh that's so weird!
Oh how strange, I wouldn't have asked someone else to enquire for me... obviously since he comes in regularly enough.

LOL ducks arse

Dataceptionist said...
May 27, 2008 1:43 PM

Yes exactly the point K and sharkcrow.
I'm admittedly tempted to go elsewhere (even though I wasn't personally slighted) but I struggle to find well made coffee already, AND she's so close, just over the road.

I think she was embarrassed to be asking Re (and rightly so). As my boss said, she should have just left it and chalked it up to being more attentive in future.

She is very odd sometimes.

M said...
May 28, 2008 7:18 AM

I'm disgusted - and not at the coffee lady.
"Slightly encroaching on your side" (and i'm sure i wouldn't have crossed thie invisible line anyway). Possibly my one indescretion can be forgiven in light of all the nights i have slept "one cheek on, one cheek off". Don't think i'm going to forget this...
P.S. If the list of 10c here, 20c there was a long list - that could be multiple dollars she racked up there - give the tight a** a break!
P.P.S with your coffee going up, have you assigned more of our budget to it, or will you be sitting out 1 coffee each month to make up for the increased cost? (haha - see why i stick up for the tight a**)

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