Well I thought we were dancing....but no....

The Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance had its finale on Sunday night (27.04). A special episode, 2 hour finale dotted with dance routines and a rendition of Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis.
We watch CSI normally on Sunday night, cutting directly in the middle of the finale. We decided to tape the last hour of Dance, and watch it after CSI. All going to plan until CSI finishes and we go to flip over to Dance.....and discover that we haven't been taping after all.....


I tried to be nonchalant, I tried not to let it bother me. What's done is done.

I was spectacularly unsuccessful and have been pouting ever since.

Missed the Leona Lewis song, which I heard people raving about on the radio the next day. Felt like the DJ's knew I'd missed it and were rubbing it in my face.

Rove, after the announcement, raved about the dancing before the announcement.

Missed the "eviction" of one of the girls I wanted to win.
Shit all round really.

I was devastated that Jack won. SO BORING!
The last two American series have been won by carbon copies of Jack, and its always two boys in the last two. Stupid tweeny girls voting. Bah
And did anyone see what the fug Natalie Bassingthwaite was wearing at the after event when she performed on Rove? After considerable effort to bring you this photo in case you missed it-

Some sort of hideous sparkly dress with a white leather wide belt, with buckles at front. Ghastly!?! She looked lovely for the Dance show, a black feathery cocktail dress, quite cute. (you can find that one yourself on the Dance website, or you can see a snippet on the left in the Jack pic)

So, like I said, I just couldn't let this slide.

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K said...
May 02, 2008 11:53 AM

It should have been Rhys.

Natalie Bassingtwit had so many feral outfits and hairstyles during the show - and only about 3 nice ones.

Most of the dancing in the finale show was repeats of dances we'd already seen. I was disappointed.

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