Music = Foregone conclusion? Or reflection of intelligent process?

Do you think music was destined to exist?
Music can be viewed as a mathematical construct, with notes and beats and rhythm. So if Mathematics is an intelligence, is music?
Think how basic music could be, a simple as bashing the ground with a stick.
Now think of a song on radio, how much more complicated music is, and it made me think whether music was destined to exist. Do you think humanity would have found its way there eventually, as a foregone conclusion? Or do you think Music is an intelligent construct?
I was sitting at the traffic lights, and I suddenly wondered whether a different race would recognise music for what it is, or if aliens came to earth, would they switch on the radio and think "what the hell is this"?

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K said...
May 20, 2008 12:47 PM

Dearie me - I don't think nearly that much.

Eca said...
May 21, 2008 12:31 AM

Very pondiferous Pon!! ahem. I mean DC.

What I like is that you've come up with a very interesting philosophical question, and then the good ole flickr slideshow pops up a pic you've taken of the pot with your dinner cooking in it. Deep!

Mmm. Music hey! You forgot to mention harmonics and acoustics (also mathematical) and the response that they provoke in the brain. All about the chemistry in the end. *shudder* even more maths. You know, there is a reason most of the truly bright thinkers of the world went bonkers.....

lou said...
May 21, 2008 1:44 PM

Certainly, every day when I hear my boss playing 'Mix 106.5' I do feel like an alien wondering what the hell I am listening to.

Anyway, awesome question.

I have often wondered about the existence of music as a form of art - as in - is art destined to exist? Was it something lurking in the ether, waiting for the right moment in time and space to come down into the physical world? And if so, are artists merely vessels?

Sometimes it feels like music is speaking to me - like it sought me out and I can emphathise with it so deeply it feels like Thom Yorke is reading my mind. (Ahhh, Radiohead). Like, I feel like certain music was meant to find a way into my life at certain times.

At the moment I am also wondering whether music can be recreated with words. Like, if you can create the impression of music but without sound? Hence my perpetual obsession with wanky poetry.

I'll get back to my office drugery now.


p.s. You should definitely get a cat.

Dataceptionist said...
May 22, 2008 11:54 AM

(shaddup Eca.) ooh, I didn't even know there was a chemical end. I guess that comes into play with the whole "play your unborn child mozart while in the womb"?
I intend to play my child the music I like. Then it can grow up to be trailer trash instead of a genius, right Britney?

Hey I like Mix lou!!
wow, I like your take on this musing. It was kind of a moment where I wondered why I'd never thought about this, in this way, ever before.

Lol, not ALL your poetry is wanky.

(thanks about the cat)

Reanan said...
May 22, 2008 8:23 PM

Hmm all quite good points...

When does noise become music? Bashing a stick on the ground = noise
Bashing a stick on the ground + thumping stick on garbage bins + hot men in wife beaters = multi million dollar success

When do words become a language then an art?


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