What the hell is Blackness? I'm not sure, but apparently Barack Obama, doesn't have enough.
There is a certain sector of Americans that are claiming Obama is not black enough. What the hell people. I thought we were trying to overcome racial stereotypes, not step on people who weren't quite in the club. Is it my own personal failing that Obama looks black to me? I mean when we really get down to it, I personally don't really care what colour he is (other than a passing curiosity on how the American public would cope with a Black Prez-given their vastly over-fictionalised prejuidices) and I think that a vast majority {I admit not all} of my generation honestly doesn't see individuals in terms of colour.
So it screams to me of ridiculousness that black people in America would whinge that he wasn't black enough. I mean for godssake, make up your mind would you!
Are you trying to break down racism, or perpetuate it?
This springs apparently from the fact that Obama has a black African father, but white American mother. Well Gee whizz, I would have thought this would have helped his multicultural appeal, but no, it's hurting him instead. Bizarreness!

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