Presumed Guilty -Tess Gerritsen ***

"Someone was sleeping in her bed...
But he wasn't really sleeping. He was dead. Miranda Wood hoped it was just a bad dream, but the man had been stabbed with her knife, in her house. And worst of all, he wasn't a stranger.
So the nightmare began on Maine's tiny Shepherd Island, where all the evidence seemed to point to Miranda's guilt. There was no one who would believe she hadn't murdered her former lover, least of all Chase Tremain, the dead man's brother.
Chase wanted revenge at any price-until he met Mrianda. But when he became a convenient witness to several attempts on her life, he began to wonder....Was she a fresh-faced country girl with whom he could fall in love? Or was she a consummate actress-and a cold blooded killer?"

A good yarn, bit of a departure from her usual stories which she tends to cleverly work in some sort of religious angle, or have a Medical Examiner setting. Also a departure from a group of characters that were a good read, I hope she comes back to them. This is actually two books in one, so I will have to recycle the cover picture, it actually says and IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS in small text under the title. More about that when I finished the second (completely unrelated) story. I thought this was good, but on reflection there are a couple of sub plot holes that didn't quite get tied up I don't think, and neither the main story nor the subplot really got developed enough, almost like reading a draft of the story idea when I think about it, or some of her early writings, except she's not really established enough to be doing a "way back when" type release. Still a good read, but could have been better (or written under a pen name-Bachman?)


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