Tattersall's Dancesport Championship 2006

I know it says 2006, I'm not really sure how their weirdo calendar works cos it was only held last night. Weird.
A lovely event, and It was pleasantly surprising to see Dancesport on a night other than Christmas night, which is what our post Chrissy day tradition was, gifts, eat, games, recover and Dancesport. In that order.

Top moment of the event-When a girl in the New Vogue Final lost a shoe, and it lay in the middle of the floor for the rest of the dance (remarkable actually, you couldn't tell at all from her dancing-wonder if she got marked down?)

Funniest moment-Collision on the dance floor!!! Whenever I watch live dance actually I Always always think of that line in Strictly Ballroom "They became boxed in" LOL

*******OMG-Massive aside here as I was searching for the exact quote by "Les"-

Sonia Kruger was Tina Sparkle!!

How did I never know that!! I always thought she was meaningless eye Channel 7 fodder on Dancing with the Stars!!!! Hilarious! I can totally see that it's her now I look thoughAnd Todd McKenney was Nathan Starkey!!! (her old partner)********


Back to Dancesport though (hosted by Kruger), there was this exhibition couple, Hanna and Victor and while she was very versatile and flexible, she looked like this ginormous leggy cricket thing!! Not attractive at all. The only pics I could find unfortunately she looks much healthier in and not nearly so grotesque. Re can attest to this as I made her flick over from Orange Crap to revel with me. This first pic they did a whole partnered dance but she was en pointe the entire time. Just made her legs look ganglier though I thought.

Hercules! Hercules! Lift me up so I can scan the horizon!

I wish I had a really good picture of her legs, Re described them as "like she's wearing tights with stuff shoved under them" She was painfully skinny, but with these grotesque muscles bulging under her skin. Ew.

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Re said...
February 09, 2007 10:01 PM

Oh yes that DanceSport business was ghatly, like that awful female... ik.

I knew that Sonia Kruger was Tina Sparkle, but totally missed Todd... see here:


Its true!

Dataceptionist said...
February 12, 2007 9:36 AM

hahhaa, a bogo pogo anyone?

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