John Edwards and other updates

When I first starting searching for more material about the Presidential Campaign, I saw the name John Edwards and thought "hey ho! We've moved on from speaking to people who've Passed, to Ruling the Known World! *evil laugh*"

But It's ok people! Breathe again! That's John Edward_ (no S)

John EdwardS is actually this disgustingly All-American-without-looking-like-all-I-eat-is-pork-fat guy. And he's running for president.

The most interesting thing I've found about him is that he has two members of staff on his campaign that actually had their own blogs. Now this blog is a bit of fluff, not especially insightful, it's Pink and I write about shoes sometimes. Not your hard-hitting New York Times sort of business. But these women had their own hard-hitting type blogs and when rival staff when trawling through the old posts, they found, *dun dun dun* OPINIONS.
I know, I know, take a breath, it's hard to absorb.
But for merely making opinion known on their blogs, BEFORE they ever became members of Presidential campaign staff there was a media backlash calling for them to be dismissed! Ridiculous.

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