*A interesting blog post from Scott Adams, the guy who writes Dilbert. Something I've always wondered about myself-
The Dilbert Blog - Artist Mysteries but with almost 300 comments I wouldn't recommend reading them all, just scroll through a read some.
His blog is pretty interesting in general really, probably something I'd say I aspire to in a way.

*Anna Nicole Smith's orphaned baby is reportedly worth 1.6 Billion $ now. Holy cow. No wonder three guys are all vying for paternity. The most bizarre paternity rumour however, is that Smith's late son was actually the father, which is why he allegedly commit suicide hours after seeing the new kid. I mean come on people, that's more Horror than Hollywood surely.

*Missy Higgins is releasing a new album. As one of only 4 artists I've ever bothered to see live, I'll be interested to see what she comes out with. This ties in nicely with the Blog article above : )
Oh god, apparently Silverchair are also releasing a new album. I say, PUT THE GUITAR DOWN DANIEL!!!
Ooh ooh and as Kyle mentioned on last years Aus Idol final, Katie Noonan (of George) is releasing an album soon which I will definitely want to hear. George feature as one of my 4. lol.
KILL ME-a Cold Chisel tribute album is being put together. Vomit.

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