Mormon Candidate

Well we've got them all, the woman, the black guy, the ex-mayor of New York who saved the town in the wake of September 11, and there's even a rumour of Arnie running. Now we come to the Mormon Candidate, Mitt Romney.
Romney's faith causes large hurdles for him in the campaign, as the Evangelical Protestant sector votes and many American's will not vote for a Mormon. Romney isn't concerned though, as even John F Kennedy had to address the fact that he himself was Catholic, not popular at the time, and he has been studying Kennedy's speeches on the matter closely. I'll say this though, he's no JFK, and even though Mormon's class themselves as Christians, mainstream American apparently sees them as more of a cult than anything.

****Update-Edwards' troublesome bloggers on his staff have retained their positions. Good on him I say for not bending to conservative pressure.****

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