My worst date when I look back on it wasn't too bad.
I took a now ex girlfriend to my favourite mexican resturaunt where we ate up a storm. I suggested how about I give her some sexy desert back at my place and she agreed.Well here I am down in her nether regions eating a banana out of her when she lets one god almighty burito infested fart out, that sent me green (i believe I passed out for 20 seconds) and I puked my dinner all over her and the banana.So because of her lack of control the date cost me

$52.95 for my dinner.
$27.50 for the wine and my margaritas.
$24.00 for the drycleaning of the dooner.
$1.88 for half a banana.
0.28c for the shower to clean herself up.and
0.40c for the condom I never got to put on.

I have not been able to enjoy a banana split since, so the pyschological damage cannot be measured.

Posted by: havanabanana at February 9, 2007 11:21 AM

on Samanthat Brett's Blog post Worst Dating Disasters "Sam and the City" on SMH

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