Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I know, I'm happy and sickeningly in love and happily married. Sorry to all the single people for my Valentine's rant, but here's a cartoon to which I think everyone can enjoy.

Also, amusingly,
Opposition health spokeswoman Nicola Roxon says Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to highlight the increased rise of heart disease for people living on their own...."Those already planning to enjoy a dinner today might like to invite their single friends along as well so they can enjoy a nutritious meal.".....
Because quite obviously, if you don't have a partner tonight, there's no way in hell you're going to be able to feed yourself properly. It's all deep fried Mars Bars and cookies and cream icecream, with a side of gravy.

Meanwhile, in the small town of Gulgong, near Mudgee, a man has been shot dead in a Jealous rage at 7am this morning. Lovely.

Are you one of three Australian women that dread Valentine's day? I myself don't recall ever dreading Valentine's day for any of my (20?) single years. I was in nappies or carefree abandon admittedly for a good chunk of that. Oooh, do you guys remember that rose thing they used to do at school? When I think about it they did really well to sell them for $5 or so, I saw single (dodgy) looking roses at Woolies today for $10, and single delivered red roses go for $53.55 on Interflora (holy hell). Ahh the memories.
Give me your Valentine's memories people.

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